Meet Emily

Meet the newest contributor to team National Picnic, Emily Meyer.

It's no surprise, National Picnic is growing. As the owner of the company, I want time to work on what I enjoy most about my business—the design and production of the clothing itself.

That's where Emily comes in.

I'm sure some of you already recognize her from her earlier work owning and teaching at Labelocal in Haddon Heights, NJ. We connected back then because she was looking for locally-made brands to carry in her shop, I was making National Picnic clothing a few towns away. Labelocal was a sewing shop of her own, her business model was about offering sewing classes to the neighborhood and, in the same space, giving local makers a retail venue to showcase their work.

I appreciate that Emily has a technical knowledge of apparel design from studies at Philadelphia's Moore College of Art. I can geek out about construction and fit using industry vocabulary and expect to get equally enthusiastic feedback from her.

What will she be doing for National Picnic? I'll be giving her stacks of clothing on a regular schedule to experience, photograph and ultimately share with you on Instagram, Facebook and other media. 

It doesn't sound like work, does it? Oh, but it is. It was all on my plate until now. It's important work, and I'm very happy to share this very visible and creative workload with Emily. She has been a genuinely enthusiastic supporter of National Picnic for years. She has a knack for translating my work into interesting content for you. I won't disappear entirely, but expect to see a little more movement and life in between my static flat product shots and awkwardly executed selfies :)

Watch our attempt at a video introduction below, filmed in the studio boutique, as it gets interrupted by a walk-in customer.  



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