Mask Drop Offs (that you've made)

Update: We have a surge of volunteer requests now. THANK YOU!

It may take a while to return an offer to help, it means we are busy administering tasks to the current volunteer team. 

Email with your name and address, and we can keep you updated. To clarify, we organize a team of volunteers to make kits that get donated to urgent-need environment ASAP. This isn't a resource to get kits to make masks for your own use.

You can thank our customers, their support has made the buying of needed materials easier to manage. THANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOO


If you are near Haddonfield, NJ and are looking for drop off/distribution help for the masks you've made, they can be brought to

417 N. Haddon Ave, Haddonfield, NJ
OPEN HOURS FOR DROP OFF: 11am-4pm Monday-Saturday, or a confirmed appointment time

Email for other times:

They don't have to be from our pattern. They can be made from any mask pattern found online. Please do not drop off anything but masks. If you have professional medical supply items, please just drive them to the nearest hospital and drop off as soon as possible.

Who gets masks from our distribution point: We are serving healthcare requests in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region that can email a request to confirm we have the masks in stock, and then send someone to us for mask pickup. 

Local health care workers can email to ask about picking up masks, click here.

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