Mask Pick Ups

Update: as of May 14, all donation masks worked on now are headed to existing front-line relationships.

If you need masks for your facility, though, please still contact us. Our project is just one very small piece of a much larger community of help. We have cobbled together a small local network of similar mask projects and might be able to help.


Below is our original blog post...

We have already put masks in the hands of Atlantic and Camden County and Philly health care facilities, being used by nurses, doctors, security guards, etc. 

We already have more requests for masks than we have masks. But start each day with more help and complete some more masks every day.

We are serving health care facilities in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region that can EMAIL a request to confirm we have the masks in stock, and then send someone to us for mask pickup. There is no depth of staff to ship, or deliver. 

EMAIL to make a request. Please don't phone call or text first. Leave your name and phone number in the email and you will get a call back to confirm pickup. 

There are no masks for walk ups. Please email ahead. A wait list begins each day and we are trying to distribute some to each inquiry.

If you need masks, please have an idea ready of how many masks you immediately need. "As many as you have" isn't useful. There is a constant wait list. We can give you some and keep you on a list we cycle through regularly as more masks are finished.

This is the procedure for now. I stress, please reach us by email before you pick up the phone. It creates a better record for organizing. We see what happens each day and adjust. Thanks for all our front line workers are doing!


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