#1909 Meow

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"Meow":  Escher-esque black and white cats tesselate on this tee with a charcoal colored sleeve. You can read more about why these cat themed tops are special here.

100% cotton sleeve, Cotton/Spandex blend knit shell.
Machine wash cold, air dry. Do not put in dryer. Warm iron if needed.
Made in the USA of imported fabric. 

About every signature tee:

You could say this tee has a "boyfriend fit", but don't think it's unisex, it's been designed for a woman's curves.

It's designed to drape loosely over the torso when worn true to size. It's not meant to fit snugly, but the rule of thumb is order down if you want some curves around the bust. If tight is how you roll, this is not the tee for you.

Thanks for loving National Picnic Signature Tees! Please read each listing for each tee's "personality". Fabric combinations can vary in weight, drape or hand. The variations are intentional—Signature Tees thrive on creative pairings of new fabrics each season.

Starting in 2018, new tees in the series are numbered so limited editions can be followed and catalogued as they come and go. 

#1909 Meow
#1909 Meow
#1909 Meow
#1909 Meow

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